February 22, 2013

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Finally the day came! Today we re-release our debut album Doors of Perception in Europe through Cargo Records from Germany. It is really exciting and I look forward to start off this cooperation, because I feel the album deserves a second life in Europe.

To get your own copy go to our store section here:


Tonight we will celebrate the re-release at the very nice venue Radar in Århus. We would love to see you there!
More info about the show here: https://www.facebook.com/events/409921242434076/


January 10, 2013

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Really exciting news:
I’ve signed a record deal with the nice German label Cargo Records.
Their first job is to re-release our debut album Doors of Perception in Europe on the 22nd of February. This also means that until then you can’t order the cd.

In support of the re-release we will be heading on a Europe-tour in March/April and dates in Denmark in the spring will also be announced. The first gig is at Loppen in Copenhagen on the 8th of February with Lis Er Stille as support:


Loppen official

Happy new year guys :)

September 8, 2012

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Hi folks.

Here it is! The official music video for Divide and Conquer.



Watch it on Youtube



Drone – DIVIDE AND CONQUER Official Music Video (HD) from Drone on Vimeo.

September 2, 2012

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It is with great joy that I can now show you the trailer for the forthcoming video for Divide and Conquer.
The video is directed by Karim Ghahwagi, who has made amazing videos for great artists like Trentemøller, Kúra and Efterklang. It has been a real pleasure for me to work with such an inspirational guy and write the story with him.
Really looking forward to show you the full video next week.

February 19, 2012

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So far our debut album Doors of Perception has gone down well with the general audience and critics has received it with open arms.
Here is a list of some of the reviews:

Rick Dante – American review (English)

Layabozi – Chinese review (English)

MidtjyllandsAvis – Review (Danish).

Calle´s Rock Corner – Review (Danish)

All Scandinavian – Danish review (English).

CAPAC – Danish music blog.

Unprogged – Review (Italian).

The full list of reviews of Doors of Perception.

New reviews comes online regularly – so be patient and stay tuned.


January 24, 2012

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Finally we made the move to Hamburg. The move is based on a wish to take the band a step further and loads of suggestions by people in the business. We are settling down in a nice flat in Altona, an area in the heart of Hamburg. With St. Pauli and Reeperbahn very close you quickly understand why Hamburg is a city renowned for its musical background. The ‘pulse’ is strong and venues/clubs on every corner.
We have already made some new friends and meet some cool people in the general Hamburgian rock scene.
More updates from Hamburg will surely follow soon.

A great deal of interest in the band has risen in the Danish press because of our move. Here are some examples (in Danish):

Article by DR on Drone´s move to Hamburg

Article by JPAarhus on the move to Hamburg and -to live out a dream

Article by Århus Stiftstidende on the move to Hamburg and release of debut album

Furthermore, our debut album has gone down well with the general audience and critics has received it with open arms, among that 4 stars in MidtJyllands Avis. Reviews are starting to emerge on the internet;
this is an overwhelming review from Rick Dante from the US.

Other reviews on the debut album: Doors of Perception reviews.

We’re still waiting for a lot of the reviews to come online – so be patient and stay tuned.

Hope y’all are well in good old -


November 26, 2011

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Now its official – we are going to release our debut album Doors of Perception on the 2nd of December 2011. Its going to be available on all the online stores and physical copies will be obtainable through an online on demand service. It will be released through Gateway Music.
The band is of course very psyched about this hence its an album with a very long journey behind it.

We also have the pleasure to invite you all to two release receptions. One at Sway in Aarhus on the 2nd of December and a second one at Floss in Copenhagen on the 3rd. For more info see the facebook events:

Aarhus: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=263053830409134
Copenhagen: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=226099037459172

You can buy the album through our website in the store section.

We are really looking forward to hear your reactions to the album.


June 14, 2011

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Im very proud to announce that tomorrow on the 15. of June the first tunes from our debut album will be released. The track will be aired approx. 15.30 on DR´s (denmarks national radio) P6 along with an interview. Hope you like it!


After the song has aired it will be available through all online stores.

Buy the song via Itunes:



May 18, 2011


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Welcome to our new website, launched to coincide with our debut album “Doors of Perception” which will be released in the summer. We are still adding content to the site, but available now are some new band photographs by Katja Michaelsen. Check her out at www.katjamichaelsen.com.
The website is constructed by YourWaves.

We are hoping to see a lot of you at our concert at SPOT. www.spotfestival.dk

March 8, 2011

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March 2011:

What an update this time!

First of all – thanks to all the great people who showed up at the concerts we have played in the past few months. Especially the gig at Musikcaféen was tremendous (soon there will be some pics and recordings from this show uploaded, more on this later).

The vocal tracking for our debut album is going super and is almost completed – only missing a few songs. After the last session in next week is over the mixing process will begin. So we are incredibly excited about that!

Lastly, we are so proud to publicize that we have been booked to play at SPOT-Festival 2011. www.spotfestival.dk . The date for the gig will be either the 27 or 28 of May, so remember to mark your calendar ;)
Two other shows have been booked – the 21. of April at Rampelyset in Silkeborg and on the 29 of April at Soundvenue’s and TAK!ROCK´s event at Australian Bar in Copenhagen.

January 2011:

Happy new years from drone!
We just came home from two great gigs in Aalborg at Fedtebrød and Thisted at Urt – especially the guys and dolls in Thisted where extraordinary. Along with us we had Puppet Arms – great music and now great friends. Thx guys for an unforgettable weekend!
We encourage all our fans and friends to come to our show at RUST on Friday the 28th of January. It would mean the world to us!
We have finished tracking all the guitar parts for the album and most of the keys and piano, so now the vocals are the only thing left. This process will begin next week.

October 2010:

Hey – a little update from us.
Since the last update we played three shows – at Paletten in Viborg, MusikHuset in Slagelse and at MonoRama in Aarhus. We got some great contacts from the gigs in the form of the two bands; Siamese Fighting Fish and Puppet Arms. Hopefully these relationships will bring some great shows along with it.
The album is coming along slowly at the moment, but we are going in the studio in November for the final guitartracking.

September 2010:

A great update from us this time!
Finally we have found ourselves a booker. Its going to be the Århus based booking-bureau “Broken City”. They seem to blend perfectly with musical preferences in the drone-clan so hopefully the partnership will be very prosperous ;)
Two shows have been played since the last update. On the 23th of september we played a great gig at Newbees Festival. Here is a little review (in danish) from that show:


Yesterday, on the 28th, we played at one of the biggest boarding schools in denmark – Ranum. Great fun with a lot of enthusiastic youngsters.
And lastly a little update from the studio – we are halfway through the guitar-tracking and the album surely is taking form. More on this in the next update.


August 2010:

Hey all. Sorry for the lack of updates the last two months, but it has been quiet hectic. First of all – the bass tracking for “Doors of Perception” has been done. It was wrapped up in five days with our beloved producer Anders Ruby in “Late Fairytale” Recording Studio in Nim. Next up will be guitar in the end of August or in the start of September. We also played at Samsø Festival, Hede Rytmer and Skarresø Festival.  Three very different but fun gigs.


May 2010:

Sadly we didnt win/make it further in karrierekanonen, but we´ve had a great time on some very prestigious stages and met some cool persons.
Now we spend all of our time with our debut album “Doors of Perception”.
It will be a 14 track prog stunner ;) Hope your all up for it!


April 2010:
This must be one of the happiest and most encouraging updates/newsspams from us! We have been chosen to be among the last 12 in DR´s KarriereKanonen! Exiting news as we are going to play at Vega in Copenhagen the 1st of may, so for the first time our friends, fans and family from Sjælland finally have a chance to hear us. The concert will consist of three acts and a special guest in the form of Magtens Korridorer so hopefully we will see a lot of you people at Vega.
The judges had this to say about our first showcase (in danish): http://www.dr.dk/P3/karrierekanonen/artikler/2010/0511142911_1_2_1.htm
The concert at MusikCaféen was our new liveguitarist Christians second gig and we are very satisfied with his perfomance. His enegy on the stage blended well with the rest of us and his playing was impeccable ;)
Also, we are recording drums for “D.O.P” this weekend in Århus Lydstudie – more on that later.


March 2010:
We are very proud to announce that we´ve been chosen to be among the last 22 bands in DR´s KarriereKanonen. 1300 songs from 800 bands were uploaded to DR´s site so its an enormous recognition of the band. Our first showcase will be at Musikcaféen in Århus the 17th of April – more on that later.
Furthermore we have our first gig with our new guitarist on thursday the 25th of march at Bridgewater in Århus.


February 2010:
Just launched our new website. Here you can read updates from the band, check concert dates, see videos and pictures and listen to the songs from the EP “Do what you Will”.
Another great news item is that we have found ourself a live guitarist. His name is Christian and he is from the band Dark Design. We are all looking forward to work with him in rehearsal and on stage.
Currently the band is working in the studio on the forthcoming album “Doors of Perception”. The release date is set to medio September 2010.